Western Australian Metropolitan Regional Committee of Highland Dancing Inc



WA Championship and Competition


Congratulations to the 2017 WA Championship winners!

7-11 years Title:

1st - Lily Godden

7-15 years Championship:

1st - Morven Johnston

2nd - Abigail Cross

3rd - Eliza Jovicic

4th - Eryn Law

5th - Ava Manason

6th - Tessa Moulds

16 & over Championship:

1st - Olivia Kerr

2nd - Victoria Goode

3rd - Georgia Robertson

4th - Imogen Aitken

5th - Sarah Burgess

6th - Georgina Aitken

Dewar Cup

1978 was the introduction of the level system into Australia.  This was the first year that the Western Australian Championship age groups became 11 years and under, 12 to 15 years and 16 years and over.

In years previous to 1978, championship age groups were every individual age group from under 8 years through to over 16 years.  Unfortunately a great number of these trophies are now missing, so there is no complete record of Western Australian Championship winners over the years.  A list of all Dewar Cup winners and WA Championship age group winners (since 1978) is available to download click here